anal climax

In rereading your information, I am puzzled. Having been in two long term gay relationships for a total 40 years, I thought I might ask a few questions.

kilt erection

 In all those years, I have always been the top and have never had an anal climax. In my gay life, I have had anal sex three times, and none were pleasurable, all painful. In my teens and early twenties, I weighed 120#, and 9″ penis. Later in life, I am in my early sixties now, my urologist told me I have a petit prostate. Could this be the reason that I never had a pleasurable anal climax? I know this is your speciality, and this Hawaiian Caucasian man lives in Seattle, but I have wondered what a pleasurable anal climax would be like, and exactly what would I have to do to obtain one?

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