euphoric cock

I ring the bell three times as arranged. The door release clicks and I push the door open and enter the building. I make my way up to the first floor and the door to the flat is open, as arranged. The flat is in darkness, but for an ultra violet glow from the bedroom. I enter to find a naked man face down on the bed. He sits […]

How To Put A Cock Ring On

Learn how to put a flexible and metal cock ring on. Know the right cock ring size. Cock ring instruction video. A cock ring is a flexible or metal ring that can be worn around the penis or both the penis and scrotum, or just the scrotum alone. Rings can be made of a variety of different materials, most commonly metal, leather, rubber, neoprene or silicone. […]

Cock Ring Lovers

Hi Seb, I’m sure like a lot of guys I use different cock rings for various reasons. But it is important to get the fit right. Too tight and I find it stops me getting a good erection and good ejaculation. When I’m out, naked, lying in the sun or for all day wear – when I want to feel that tightness around my balls, metal […]

history of cock rings

The first documented use of cock rings occurred in ancient China. The ancient Chinese cock ring was made from the eyelid of goats with the eyelashes attached. The flexible eyelid was placed around the base of the erect penis, the hardened lashes were said to increase the pleasure of intercourse. Later during the Ming Dynasty between 1368 and 1644, penis rings were made out of jade […]

How Do You Know Your Cockring Size?

Single metal cock rings come in many sizes and can be a fraction of an inch thick to three inches plus thick. For now we will talk about the standard thin metal cock ring. Each type of cock ring uses a different technique to put it on. The diameter of the cock ring depends on your cock size and how advanced you are at using them. […]

Sex Enthusiast on Cock Rings

We wear a cock ring cause we need to know we have a cock. So we wear a ring  of any type to over come what our people tell us …dont touch that leave it alone its dirty but we enjoy & do more. The ring I started with is called a Blakoe & still made Black plastic with magnets in it to help with erections. […]

freeballing grey jogging pants

I am a middle aged gentleman with a big pair of balls and a rather thick cock. At least once a week, I like to put on my really heavy cock ring and go for a walk freeballing in my grey jogging pants. Im always amazed how many people look. Mostly men, surely they cant all be gay.

makes anal penetration easier

Hi Seb, As I have a small collection of cock rings I just had to reply to your request for information. I have a average to small cock and a cock ring makes my package look larger when I am dressed. A cock ring gives me a harder more sensitive erection. The increased firmness of my erection when using a cock ring makes anal penetration easier […]

my junk-box

Hey Seb, Have just checked my junk-box and your email was sent to there by mistake (charming huh?) I have worn cock rings on a few occasions, but don’t really know a lot about them apart from: 1) They restrict the blood flow to your dick so when it’s hard, its easier to keep it that way. The blood is essentially “trapped in”, not dissimilar to […]