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Arrested Movement is an artistic inclusive portrait series and mindful awareness initiative celebrating and promoting positive body image for men. In recent years, the push to include the issue of body positivity awareness into the mainstream conversation has been acknowledged in the media as a woman’s issue, but it is a human issue. We as a society are bombarded from an early age with what is considered to be beautiful and acceptable through our environment, television, movies, advertising and the dominant juggernaut of social media via our computers and smartphones. All causing negative affects on our self-esteem. Body image is related to self-esteem.

What started out as a single photo session consisting of 10-12 men to be showcased in a gallery exhibit, quickly and organically morphed into this movement through social media, which now is allowing Anthony to meet and photograph men in different cities. He listens to their stories and personal struggles that they share, and he reminds them that we’re all the same. This inclusive series focuses on men of all races, from thin to large, Little People to super tall, men with physical disabilities, transgender men, as well as two-spirited men. All are welcome. All are beautiful.

Anthony holds space on set for these men, allowing them to feel empowered. Stopping every once in a while during the session to show them what they’re images look like on screen, and having their reactions be quite joyful. Anthony is looking for a moment where the soul comes through, then stopping time when their authentic self meets his eye and the shutter of his camera. A celebratory moment of self-love, self-empowerment and self-acceptance is captured.

Anthony hopes that the end result of this project would someway help to shine light on the fact that men, especially men in the LGBTQ community, suffer from body issues and self-acceptance just as much as women, and that men should be included in the narrative; creating a dialogue about loving and accepting ourselves, and help to create a ripple effect in the social consciousness.
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