Track 13 – Hat in the Wind : Best Music 4 Masturbation

Eyes open, I want to masturbate in a locked…
Eyes open, I want to masturbate in a locked…

Your lover is at yoga, breaking a sweat
While you shoot mid-morning coffee nerved on the front steps
Pouring its slave labor likelihood all over
Your wounded lung. everyone’s allowed to have these thoughts
After all, this is the song where you sing i am a drug addict for 8 bars
It is a blessing to have rifle eyes in times of war
One is lucky to go deaf over the course of one’s life
I love these legs
In the speaking up and claiming of my projector
It’s a dancing fool moment happy taking the blame
For all my hammer marks and…dropped gavels…and eyes
Open, i want to masturbate in a locked planetarium

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