Bodybuilder Butt

Mr Cox, I love your website. I first found it from a google search for naked vintage bodybuilders. i wanted to see what they really looked like, cock-size and all

I’m extremely muscular 14 stone Bodybuilder Butt,  because I don’t have a very sizeable cock, years ago I decided to see how using my thumb gently on a guy’s prostate might work. I get lost in the inner world there and became amazed at how much pleasure some really sexy guys got out of it – and how much pleasure I got out of realising this. There is one really beefy guy who can take hours of being played with in this way. Maybe because I’m a rather “manly” man no one has ever thought to return the sensation and I’m really pleased to find a man like you who seems obviously to understand completely. Michael

biggest cock i ever saw

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  1. i would say, find the first man who told you you hadn’t got a sizeable cock, and FUCK HIM, very, very gently, at the beginiing…

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