Introducing Alex Minsky

Alex Minsky is a retired Marine corporal turned model. At the beginning of his first tour of Afghanistan in 2009, his Humvee hit a roadside bomb and his right leg was amputated. He spent 47 days in a coma with a traumatic brain injury and 17 months in total in a hospital. After his brother died from a drug overdose, he entered a 23-month period of alcohol abuse, and to get out of it, he turned to physical fitness. It was during one of his routine workouts that he was approached by a fashion photographer named Tom Cullis. However, his career didn’t start to take off until he was photographed nearly nude by the Los Angeles photographer Michael Stokes. recently Alex publishes pictures of himself naked, proudly displaying his 9 inch cock. Here at CUMM Uk we think he would make an excellent porn therapist

Introducing Alex Minsky’s 9″ Cock

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