Truth and HaPenis

It sounds to me like you are into guys but you really won’t know for sure until you have sex with one. If having a man’s face and possibly cock up your ass doesn’t make your eyes go back in your head and make you feel as if you’d never had sex before, then you might not be gay!

But if it does… BINGO! Then you’re a certified cock sucker. Be proud of it. Seriously. You can’t change it. Believe me, I’ve tried. I got married, had kids, stayed away from gyms and men in general. But no matter what I couldn’t run away from the truth. After 14 years, dick finally drew me in and once I had a taste, that was it. You can’t deny who you are and you SHOULDN’T deny it! Find the truth and you’ll find happiness. Find a gay friend to fuck with and see! John

biggest cock i ever saw

One thought on “Truth and HaPenis

  1. There are many ways to sleep with guys, though. I’m more into mutual jack off and a few other things that don’t involve penetration. Nothing inherently right or wrong about a sex act, so long as it’s between consenting adults, and you don’t spread disease or anything like that.

    Anal is a bit hegemonic, though, e.g. the first gay question, “Are you a top or a bottom?”, automatically defines that as the only gay sex act, even for those of us blessed with a penis too big for anal and when we’re aroused, that hole is shut tight, even when prior to the 1970s, anal was shunned in favor of oral and circle jerks, at least in American gay circles.

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