81 words to describe your lingam massage

hello Gentlemen I’m writing a book at the moment called “Penis Massage 4 Professionals”. I will be including a chapter about how men like to have their manhood massaged. below are some of the comments I have already received. Please help with my research by adding a reply below.

I want you to take more time checking in with me personally and not assume my lingam(penis) is like most other mens’ lingam. I want you to use OIL ! I like to listen to Chillstep or melodic Asian Trip Hop while having the massage. I want you to include my nipples, I like my balls actually held, not massaged. I will give you lots of instructions.

I’d like to be treated with respect and with a gentle, sensitive touch. Warmly, exploitative, openly. It’s better in person than in words.

Slowly and teasing with lots of edging, ball massage too. Light strokes, alternating rhythm, just under the head. Slowly and around the tip With imagination, sensitivity and creativity.

How to you like your lingam massaged. please add a reply below.

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5 thoughts on “81 words to describe your lingam massage

  1. Mainly with upwards and downward strokes, with a light touch to enhance the pleasure. Fingers brushing my penis head inbetween also sends me into ecstasy.

  2. I like it when they hold firm and massage them with lots of oil, massage the shaft slowly, up and down and massage the head under the head round and round and play on the sweet spot and the meatus and then back again to the shaft and move to the balls massage them round and round..

  3. i have never had my manhood massaged at all and would love someone to introduce me to this i have had sensual massage which is very nice but would know like to expwrience full body male massage could anyone do this for me. thanks

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