Most men have at least three spots between their legs that feel very good

1. The “vspot” – its the spot on the underside of the mans penis, right along the urethra, where the shaft meets the head (there’s a little groove above it). This can be very sensitive when a guy gets hard… when he comes, the whole path up the urethra feels very good, licking your tongue hard up and down this little spot along the urethra can be very pleasurable

2. The underside of the shaft where it meets the scrotum. This is the beginning path where his cum travels thru the shaft, and so it can be very sensitive. The scrotum tightens up when he’s turned on, actually grabbing his scrotum in your hand and lightly but firmly holding it and squeezing it can drive him wild… as will licking or stimulating the spot where the scrotum meets his shaft, underneath.


3. A spot that drives me crazy and I bet is also good for most men is underneath the scrotum, between it and the anus. Have you ever heard of the artery that feeds the penis, the one that viagra increases in size? This is underneath the scrotum, between it and the anus… licking that can be almost ticklish, but very warm and exciting.

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