Barazoku, Japanese 薔薇族 , literally meaning “rose tribe”, the name of Japan’s first modern gay men’s magazine, named after a post-World War II term for gay men. This influential Japanese gay magazine published it’s last edition in 2004, and has inspired two completely new forms of comic art.

Bara and Yaoi are both homoerotic animation styles of art; the difference is while yaoi is gay-male art produced by women for the consumption of women, bara is created by men, for men. Consequently, bara-style art tends toward more exaggerated, overtly masculine physiques and stereotypically masculine behaviour.

3 thoughts on “薔薇族

  1. WOW! I love Japanese homoerotic art and had no idea what the difference was or even that there was a difference Yaoi and Bara styles of art. Thank you for the information and sharing the great male art.

    1. Yeah, there’s also shota, which refers to young males. Not my cup of tea, but every weeaboo has heard of it because My Pico was a meme a while back.

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