You get yourself nice and erect then with one hand around the shaft raise the skin forward over the knobend to cover it. Push a well-lubed index finger down the foreskin and rub the helmet. The best area is the frenulum at the underside of the glans and the best stimulation is from a rapid jabbing up and down of the finger and you can swipe the finger round the ridge of the helmet now and then. It’s quite novel (Amar).

This is the section of an extended wank with a fair amount of foreskin play in it, as well as one of my favorite wanking techniques, where I work the base of my cock, which at the same time pulls my long foreskin back over my wet knob, slowly and deliciously. hard cock, wet knob, slick foreskin Pt

Get your penis fully erect, then pull your forskin down as far as you can without it hurting, then make an O with your fore-finger and thumb and place it over you retracted foreskin to stop it going up and down to cover the glands. the wank in normal manner. the orgasm is intense, and the amount of come… you will have to find out Wank4Eva

Shift the skin of your cock upward so there’s a good amount of it above your knob end, almost like the neck of a balloon. Either with lube or pre-cum, put one finger into the mass of skin and wind it round and round the bell. Can be done solo or by someone else for you. Takes ages. A release of watery cum or piss helps boost the liquid around your knob end now and again. As your finger winds round and round you’ll feel one particular part of your glans or bell giving you immense pleasure. Find it Moist

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  1. love to have balls gently massaged then ballsack pulled between legs so penis is pointing down then at the same time raising the penis so the foreskin is fully retracted & the glans is massaged

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