More than 20% of Scottish men oppose homosexuality, according to a recent survey conducted by Survation for the Humanist Society Scotland. The survey, “Tolerant Nation,” asked 1,003 Scottish people a series of questions regarding their attitudes to different religious beliefs and sexual preferences. A total 20 percent of respondents said it was wrong for people to have relationships with people of the same-sex, compared to 67 percent did not think it was wrong. More Scottish men oppose homosexuality than Scottish women. When broken down by gender, more men than women were found to have a negative view of same-sex relationships—28 percent of Scottish men oppose homosexuality compared to 13 percent of Scottish women. Funny, that’s from a nations whose most prized literary work by their greatest poet Robbie Burns is that masterpiece called Cock Up Your Beaver. I bet if you got these men to do the survey again after a few hot toddies, that 20% would fall to 0.2%.

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