Yoga 4 Builders

A special yoga class for builders designed to show each man what proportion of the crack of their arse should be displayed. The class is designed to show every builder that his arse is […]

How Do You Know Your Cockring Size?

Single metal cock rings come in many sizes and can be a fraction of an inch thick to three inches plus thick. For now we will talk about the standard thin metal cock ring. […]

Did the ancient Celts Really Invent Gay Tantra?

Celtic Tantra – 1st century BC, The origins of Gay Tantra ‘Despite the fact that their wives are very beautifal, the Celts have very little to do with them, but instead abandon themselves to a […]

Paid 2 Abstain

Guys – Tell me your horny stories about how much you love cock and the things you do with it. As for me, I like to play with it and suck it; I have […]

why run outside?

And He is with you with you in your search. When you seek Him, look for Him in your looking closer to you than yourself why run outside? Melt like snow into yourself. Wash […]

Paul Mescal Celebrity Cock

Talented and beautiful young Irish Actor, Paul Mescal is an art form all by himself. Paul has caused a sensation around the world with his portal of Connell in the amazing TV Drama “Normal […]

Gently, Gently, He Whispered

Last nightI begged the Wise One to tell methe secret of the world. Gently, gently, he whispered,“Be quiet,the secret cannot be spoken,It is wrapped in silence.” Gently, gently, he whispered,“Be quiet,the secret cannot be […]

The Art of Andrea Ciarlatano

Andrea Ciarlatano is an artist who creates objects and images mixing fashion, performances and experimentation for Clutter from his studio-workshop in Milan. He shares his art on Instagram. The artist took advantage of his […]

Message in A Bottle

Just a cast away, an island lost at sea, oh Another lonely day, no one here but me, oh More loneliness than any man could bear Rescue me before I fall into despair, oh […]

The S.Punk Art Gallery

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Just Bi/

Bisexual Blokes can Change Direction Just Bi/ Thinking. That pleases their heart and keeps their face young. Just in case you forgot. A good laugh makes us better friends with ourselves and everybody around […]

Journey into Yourself?

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” Related CoxologyGod Left CluesHow To Find God!#Fuck Fuck Fuck FuckSexual Identity?A God CockHello God, I’m just writing to thank you for your inspiration, […]

Darkness is your candle

HI Seb, I have not heard of Rumi before but what he writes is very enlightening and further supports my beliefs that where men submit to men they are able to grow and develop […]

men may age but their dicks remain beautiful

What a fucking website! This site is proof that men may age, but their dicks remain beautiful. Older men turn me on immensly. They are seasoned, safe, know what they want, and who they […]

“Men’s Rights”

“The right to be vulnerable The right to be weak The right to be wrong The right to be intuitive The right not to know The right to be uncertain The right to be […]

On Earth And In Heaven

We must cultivate our outer side for society and our inner side for ourselves. At the same time we must remain conscious that our inner life expands and will one day make contact with […]

About 75 and Unmarried

Recently, last week as a matter of fact I was at a long time friends house. He and I had never been sexually involved, both of us are about 75 and unmarried and we […]

Ken Ryker Celebrity Cock

Ken Ryker is an American pornographic actor who appeared in gay, straight and bisexual pornographic movies in the 1990’s. He was raised in Texas, but now resides in California. He is openly bisexual and […]

Kilt Propaganda

33 photos that show why men should wear kilts Thanks Seb for this grand collection of Cocks o’ the North. Always a fan of my draughty kilt, I find my good swinging low hangers […]

Mature Experienced Wanker

I am a mature and experienced wanker and and make time daily for my long masturbation meditation edge. I wank regularly for three hours and my record is over 6. My wanking is usually […]