Circumcision gained popularity in the United States during the 19th century to help stop masturbation. About 80% of men in the US are still circumcised today. The rate here in the United Kingdom is 15%(source). The  rate in Sweden is 2%, where non-medical circumcision is now illegal(source). The foreskin is the most sensory parts of the penis. In fact, it has more nerve endings than any other part of the penis. That makes it responsible for a tremendous amount of pleasure. The average male foreskin contains 20,000 nerve endings. According to one study, the least sensitive part of the foreskin is more sensitive than the rest of the penis. But the foreskin is much more than just a pleasure receptor, it has many function. Since the foreskin has the most number of sensory nerves, it serves numerous sexual functions. Since it acts as a cover to the glans of a penis, it also serves numerous protective functions. The foreskin is the most important source of an orgasm-inducing sensation. During intercourse, the foreskin produces a “gliding action” that reduces friction and enhances lubrication. On the downside, having a foreskin feels so good that uncut men are more likely to develop premature ejaculation. Some circumcised men have been able to regrown their foreskin with a device called a tugger. Any circumcised man can experience what it is like to have a foreskin by getting a mate with a long one to pull it over his helmet. This is called docking, cock docking. Foreskins can be used to make skin grafts for burn victims. One foreskin can actually provide four acres worth of grafted skin.

It has been disappointing to be cut. I’m getting older, and it seems that my foreskin “is growing back”. I was cut at age “eight days” like jewish males do. Since weather here is nice most of the year, my winnie shrinks to about one inch early in the morning bewfore taking my first lick. That’s when my new foreskin covers my dick head. For me it is annoying, since I’m not accustomed to having my glands covered up. Once, I pull back the “growing prepuse”, I shake my flacid cock, so as to feel “I’m free again”. It’s funny. It seems that circumcision has been a tradition in my male family for a long time. Perhaps due to the fact that most Spaniards that came to conquer Latin America 600 years ago were Jewish descendants (80 per cent of Latin Americans have Sephardic (Jewish) last names.) So, when I started to know about jacking off and fucking bitches and girlfriends, I started to notice that I was missing my foreskin’s pleasure. I started to envy uncut men, especially my best buddies whom I used to watch naked off and on. They all seemed to have “greater sex” than me, but lasted less in cumming than I did. I still take a long time to cum, and can enjoy jerking off longer than most uncut males. When fucking my wife I have started to feel that I don’t have the sensations that uncut men do. I sometimes feel nothing. So it takes loger for me to cum when I’m inside my wife’s cunt. I receive greater pleasure when I wank alone, to tell you the truth, because I can use my hand to feel the sensations that my cut dick doesn’t give me. It’s quite frustrating! I don’t blame dad and mom (now deceased), because I also had my two boys circumcized when recently born. Now they have boys too, and they don’t want to keep up the family tradition. So my two grandchldren are uncut. I guess I’ll never find out what do uncut men feel when they fuck their wives or when they jack off. Oh, but even so, in spite of the fact that my parents ruined some part of my sex life, I usually enjoy great cummings, at least three times a week in spite of the fact that I’m getting to be almost 70. Another bad experience is that in order to have a hardon with the wife, I need Viagra, and that slows the tickling feeeling in my frenum and glands, and of course, it takes me more than an hour to feel that “I’m cumming”. I need my hand to finish sometimes, because wife won’t endure me that long. But when I do finally reach the “petit mort“, it’s glorious, and my almost six-incher explodes with joy to life, and to the fact that I’m still cumming! If you are going to have male children, I advise you to leave them uncut. Teach them to clean their penis well when taking a shower, and I’m sure they will be happier boys and men than us cut males! Fukytown

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  1. I am a well endowed cut male who can only be with a guy that is not only Uncut,but has a long droopy 4skin. I am not interested for long otherwise. I have Docked a few times but not often enough for my liking. I miss on many opportunities because of my extreme 4skin fetish + the lack of Uncut men in my locale. ALso,not all uncut men like the 4skin given attention.Some do but others have been made to be ashamed of it by society,peers + the media. I have placed food and other goodies inside a long 4skin,to nibble and prod them out a bit later. My hope is to find a serious long skinned partner for a while, but will entertain others to show off my talented creative mind,tongue and spirit.

    1. i too am well endowed. 11 inches uncut but unfortunately my foreskin is not long and dissapears when i am erect. i have docked with a guy who cock was as large as mine and hsn foreskin was loose. It was ythe best ejackulation i have ever had espercially when he blew at almost the sane time and it was one huge explosion of filled foreskin

  2. Where did he get that so many Latin American names are Jewish? 1492 was also the year Jews and Muslims were expelled from Spain, after all. Eh, sounds like falestinian frofaganda.

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