I live in the USA and had a big crush on my priest. I do think there is alot of sex going on between priest. They are people and have urges as we all do. I am sure many have lovers on the side. Look how many in Ireland have secret children. My point is that they are just men like us. They do try to follow the rules, but they are human. Other religions allow there ministers to marry. Catholics need to let up some . My priest told me I should not be having sex, since I am not married. He also told me not to masturbate. This was last year. I am 64. He said when I get the urge just pray it away as he doe’s. I love God but I do not believe I will go to hell for this. Best Wishes

Robert Thomas

1 thought on “64 Year Old Catholic

  1. Frederick Martel (French) published a book in 2019, “In the Closet of the Vatican: Power, Homosexuality, Hypocrisy” that unveils the pervasive gay culture in the Vatican.

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