I love stroking my cock and massaging my balls as I do. I’m constantly fondling myself to keep my cock hard. At 70, it takes me longer to cum, which is a blessing. A lot of guys lose patience when sucking me or jerking off with me. If sucking my cock, they want me to cum quicker. I admit, I’m no good at edging. When I get close, I lose my willpower and give into that incredible feeling of my burning cock head and love the feeling of orgasm. I will continue to stroke my cock even after cumming because it feels so good


I’m 77 and have wanked all my life. I can still vividly remember the slow joyous ecstatic build up and the all encompassing my first ever ecstatic orgasm. my cock is out now as I type this – I’ll wank again on the memory of it when I have finished this. Oh beautiful joy! my penis is seven inches when hard and is often admired by me and others. it is uncut but I keep the foreskin retracted all the time. Don’t stop!


18 thoughts on “A 77 Year Old Wanker

  1. 77 year old wanker you cock is beautiful so long and hard wish I was on my knees taking it down my throat hope you have many more years of happy wanking thanks for the photo may be you could put a video of you wanking on see we could see that big cock cumming xx

  2. Maybe we should a club of 77yr olds!

    T’m an avid wanker, exhibitionist and voyeur… I’m also uncut and 7″+, as well as a Grandad to 4 beautiful girls!

    Mundesley, Norfolk, 1958 was a turning point in my life!

    My first Boy’s Brigade adventure was with other similar aged boy’s all strangers to me.

    I was housed in a large ‘Bell Tent’ with 7 other other boys.

    On the first night, my sleeping bag was alongside a ginger haired kid’s, He was a little older than me.. Lights were supposedly out but, I realised he was up to something…..

    There was movement in his bag, and he had a torch on inside it….

    He realised I’d clocked him and lifted the top of his bag, allowing me to see inside! He had a hard on!

    He had what turned out to be a good size penis but it was cut. He also had ginger pubes.

    I’d played about with mine before but, I’d never seen another guy masturbating…. It was quite an eye-opener! I watched until he came, dribbling cum down into his pubes….. The view had given me a bit of a stiffy!

    He asked me if I’d ever wanked and I had to reply “not properly”. He offered to show me how, and of course, I agreed!

    I opened my sleeping bag to let his hand in. I had no JimJam pants on so it wasn’t difficult… we both had torches on…..

    He was a little surprised to find I was almost hairless and, UNCUT! He spent quite a while manipulating my small balls and stroking my foreskin…. Another boy had clocked us and Ginger suggested he had a closer look. It wasn’t long before all the 6 other boys had their torches on and were watching proceedings. I’m guessing they were all stroking but I couldn’t actually see. That said, I was more interested in looking at myself!

    ‘Ginger’ was working well and I was surprised just how big my penis became…. He asked me if I’d ever cum. I had to admit I hadn’t, just dribbled….. but…. Now was the time….!!
    Ginger was working the full length of my cock with gusto, but also alternately retracting my foreskin and recovering my knob end. I was loving it, and being the centre of attention!

    All of a sudden, my legs started to shake uncontrollably, something I hadn’t experienced before. ‘Ginger’ recognised the signs and redoubled his efforts! Seconds later, I was spurting more cum Than I’d ever seen (though in hindsight, it wasn’t THAT much). The feeling of ecstasy was indescribable, I was shaking like mad, and my head was all over the place.

    While I wasn’t really listening, I gathered there were plenty of comments of approval from the audience! The noise attracted the attention of a member of staff and we all had to hurriedly pretend nothing was happening. He didn’t see anything but, I’m sure he wasn’t stupid.

    We were there 4 nights. The further 3 resulted in all the boy’s having their cocks out, comparing sizes, cut/uncut status and hairiness. I don’t recall seeing any other masturbate but, I was happy to be Ginger’s victim on more than one occasion, with an audience!
    As I was becoming more comfortable with the situation, my erections were achieved quicker and, I’m sure were bigger.

    I’d had a steep learning curve! I was hooked on masturbation from then on and I’m still at it, 65 years later!
    More to the point, I’d learned to enjoy being voyeured…. It’s not uncommon now for me to masturbate publicly, in the dunes etc., at the back of the beach.

    But that’s another story…. 😉

  3. So, I keep streching the old boner up and down with my whole hand folded as a “taco”, or grabbing the shaft up and down so that what is left of my foreskin touches the base of my cock head. I usually can last this way for about an hour, oozing out lots of pre-cum, and getting hotter and hotter, while I pant for “help”.

  4. I am also a 77 year old wanker : your wanking photo made my uncut cock hard with precum

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