I’m a very happily married male with a sudden passion to feel the sensation of a another mans hard cock fucking my mouth. I usually masturbate with a banana in my mouth and can take 9 inches without gagging. I have sat upside down with legs above my head and shot my load on and in my mouth and enjoyed my sweet semen. I’m tired of my cum and want another mans cock now. I’ve read a bunch of stories hear and have to say, I’m glad I’m not alone. My questions for you you more experienced cocksuckers is this.

How do you let someone know you want to suck him off?

Where do you go to shop for cocks?

What success rate do you have with your technique?

I’ll answer any offers. Just be patient with me, OK???


6 thoughts on “A Sudden Passion

  1. I feel exacly the same. 53 y. Never sucked cock. Married. Children. Very in love with my beautiful wife. I worship her pussy. But I long for cock. Just one time. But I dont know who to approuch. It feels if it is only me having this urge. Im from SA. Men here are very conservative and I think, pinching the cat in the dark. I wish I lived in the UK. It would have been great. I would have suck cock every day, 5 times a day. Im missing out.

  2. Normally, straight men will start throwing around innuendo, balls are hurting,he’d fuck a snake if someone held it’s mouth open, they’d like to knock some tonsils down a throat, rubbing or re-arranging their cocks and balls very conspicuously. Some will even put their hand on too of your head in a playful way.
    Where? Stores,almost anywhere, one thing to remember, you can’t be too aggressive, str8 men are built in to pursue, you have to seem submissive,let him be right,agree, glance and smile when u look at his crotch.
    Don’t expect them to be attracted to you, but expect them to want discretion,usually not much talking, you can open a home gloryhole, go to a xxx video arcade,they often have gloryholes, sometimes you get a lot of cock sometimes it’s a drought. It’s a lot like dating, sometimes you get a date lot of times you won’t. Make it count when you do and he may become a regular as long as you are available when he wants to bust a load in your throat!

  3. So far as letting someone know I will suck them off it’s probably best to be direct. I have a couple of suck buddies that I will suck to completion savouring the hot sweet spunk as it pulses into my mouth. Usually I’ll tell them they have a great cock and I’d love to taste it. I have a couple of mates that always want to suck me until I cum as well so get the best of both worlds. I’ll make it clear that they can shoot the semen into my mouth if they want. I’ll always ask anyone sucking me if I need to pull out before I spunk my load. It’s just polite.

    So far as shopping for cock I tend to use a south London cruising ground called Beaulieu Heights.heavily wooded lots of quiet corners and a couple of places where here are trees where you can sit and give or take a cock into a mouth. Sitting down helps as if you are sucking or being sucked you don’t have to squat down and the oral sex is easier. If taking or receiving being able to thrust your cock like you would when fucking really helps intensify the moment.

    Success rate pretty high most guys love having their cocks sucked. Just be honest and respectful. I’d happily volunteer my cock for sucking. It’s decent size I always keep it sweet tasting. Again that’s politeness and shows respect to the person taking your penis deep into their mouth. I love a beard as the hair stimulates the shaft.

    Jon if you are in the south London area be great to see you. I’m told I’m a considerate sucker ply attention to a guys balls as well. I like the same back but it’s about your orgasm and you getting to cum and enjoying every suck . Usually plenty of guys willing to suck your cock or let you suck them in places like where I go. Good luck mate I recall the first time my cock was sucked and the first cock I sucked. Had a very good mate and we both wanted to try the experience of sucking to cum so hooked up for the afternoon. Enjoy !

    PS if that’s your pic you’ll have no problem getting someone to help you suck a cock or be sucked

  4. Straight 33 hairy…i have all the feelings of wanting to suck another man or be sucked…where to turn or where to go is a mystery ….any ideas?

    1. Beautiful arse and the cock looks great you’ll be popular to suck or be sucked buddy

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