I love to have my penis gently caressed and touched with a slight pressure before I become aroused. Once fully aroused circling the frenulum lightly makes my body begin to tingle. Pumping motions that take me near the edge and then stopping to allow the intensity to build up and then pressing lightly on the head and using precum as a lubricant is a turn on. Twisting the penis from side to side and slapping my penis gently against my thighs or stomach feels great too. A firm grip and moving the skin on the shaft can be really pleasurable.


I had my first tantric massage last week and I felt an incredible surge of energy and confidence afterwards. It felt like my penis was being open up like a flower and my seed flowed in a flow I’ve never experienced before. I love having my rosebud massaged unlike many men I am not at all squealing about having my anus touched or gently probed.


I love to have a man massage my manhood, not only the penis, but the balls and taint as well. I believe that men sexual organ is not limited to the penis. That being said I do love the gland and shaft squeezed stroked with different level of firmness. I enjoy doing the same to men


I want it to be treated like a delicate flower, soft and gentle enough to blow in the wind but stand proud and tall


I like to have my manhood massaged in the same way that I would like to massage the manhoods of others. Slowly and teasingly at first then playfully with lots of oil. I would submit myself as completely as possible and relax into it with trust so that my masseur was able to do his best. Massage is not effective unless it is completed by orgasm as wanking is an aspect of massage and orgasm almost the final outcome with some still intimate massaging afterwards until full relaxation is achieved


4 thoughts on “A Delicate Flower

  1. I like variety. I like to learn and feel more about myself everyday and I always discover new parts of myself. Nothing feels better than being able to feel your body react to it’s own touch. Always looking to test my limits and go further but now working on dealing it back for sensitivity. The more I explore the more I begin to appreciate the privilege I’ve been given as a man to feel pleasure the way only a man could understand.

    1. I am still exploring my body i love to touch every part of myself an i like to penetrate myself that really does it for me to such a climax

    2. Uwe,
      Not only a sexy pic, but what you say has really turned me on. A privilege to be a man with you.

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