I have a friend and have been considering what he’d think if I was to reach out and very gently touched this clothed penis. Would he consider it a major breach of male etiquette, or would it be something that he’d like to explore further? I have no clue as to the size of the penis I’m curious about. He doesn’t dress suggestively. His clothing isn’t the clinging variety, and there’s no clue as to size or dimension. I just wonder about it. RobtheElder

Hello Rob, I don’t know about where you live. But here in the UK, if you touch another person without their permission that would be considered assault. If you want to touch his penis, you have to start a conversation about cocks. Have the balls to ask, and see where that leads you. 

All the best, Mr Cox

2 thoughts on “touched by a friend?

  1. i am straight, i have tryed a guy before
    and didn’t like it , and i do really like women , but heres what i don’t understand , it turns me on to watch another man jerk off , and watch him cum , and i have watched gay porn , and i like seeing another guys cock , BUT WHY, i don’t understand , hope you have some answers ,

    1. Perfectly normal to see a blokes hard cock and be Mesmerised. Having a stiffy is great – It’s a shared feeling of masculinity I reckon. We all know the potency of our own cumm and bi watching another lad bust his nutt we celebrate being men together. Most blokes, given the right environment, will also welcome a touch and a rub. But don’t be weird about it. Keep it natural keep it healthy. Keep it fun. Enjoy another rock hard rod in your hand. Feels great. He’ll enjoy yours too.

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