“When you got right down to it, my dick was the one organ that hadn’t presented itself to my consciousness through pain, only pleasure. Modest but robust, it had always served me faithfully. Or, you could argue, I had served it – if so, its yoke had been easy. It never gave me orders. It sometimes encouraged me to get out more, but it encouraged me humbly, without bitterness or anger. This past evening, I knew, it had interceded on Myriam’s behalf. It had always enjoyed good relations with Myriam, Myriam had always treated it with affection and respect, and this had given me an enormous amount of pleasure. And sources of pleasure were hard to come by. In the end, my dick was all I had.” ― Michel Houellebecq,  Submission (novel)

3 thoughts on “always served me faithfully

  1. Does anyone know who the silver hairy daddy with the beautiful most perfect cock is? Would love to see more of him……….

    1. Again, there is no words to describe how perfect that cock is of his and I can just imagine how perfect his arse is!

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