I am a Mature and Amazingly Fit Life Model,  having just reached 80 years of age[June 1st.], posing for Art Classes, Hen Life Drawing Classes, Artists and Photographers. In 2017, I posed nude for a leading 3D Imaging company in Sheffield, the images being available on  “www.Anatomy360.info”. This was followed on June 27th. 2019] by a trip to Pinewood Studios where I did a nude 3D Imaging Shoot for top photographer Scott Eaton. The images for this shoot appear on the website “www.bodiesinmotion.photo” I do mainly Life Drawing Classes and Nude Photo Sessions in South Wales but will travel if expenses paid. I have also featured in 3 Online Newspapers[Mail, Mirror and Wales] and 3 conventional magazines[Elska, Real People and Chat Magazines] . Recently, I have also been doing many Life Drawing Hen Parties in South Wales and there is great scope for more of this in other towns and cities of Wales. so Art Tutors…get in touch! My sense of humour and natural exhibitionism comes to the fore at these events! I would like to push the boundaries further into the Erotic/Adult area if possible for Photographers or Videographers with or without experience. I love wearing my Testicle Weights and Cockstraps and would like to try fetish work and a fun shoot with a young woman.  I have yet to do a proper video shoot so would welcome a collaboration with a Pro Photographer…preferably with a sense of humour! I feel that there aren’t too many men of my age doing nude work, in classrooms, studios, hospitals [plus outdoors, which I love], and looking as fit. I have established a reputation in Wales for being “the stillest model I have worked with”, in the words of one tutor.

Bruce Barker

You Can Contact Bruce through his Adult Folio Page

4 thoughts on “Amazingly Fit 80 Year Old Life Model

  1. Wow Bruce you are the epitome of older men. Your physique is awesome. I’m 62 and I hope I’m fortunate to look as good as you when I reach 80 yrs of age. Well done sir!

  2. Bruce, what a spectacular man (body and soul), you are a great role model to be followed by us men !! You are so beautiful, congratulations!

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