a good friend ?

Hi Seb, I used to contact you some years ago and thought maybe you had disappeared off the scene. I have a problem which is there used to be a guy living next door to me with his girlfriend (they are not English) and the guy has always been friendly and helped me out loads of times with problems etc with my computer and all sorts of other things.

He though not his fault (the girlfriends) made the decision quite suddenly that they were going to split up. When he called me into next door and told me I was upset for him, and gave him a big hug and told him that I would always be there for him as a good friend. Well we have been out on a few times to the pub and had a few meals out too, the thing is now he has met another woman older than himself and I (silly me) have found that I have strong feelings for him, I have told him  – and he has told me that he is straight and not gay, well I always knew this, However this dosent help me as I think about him now more and more and wonder what  he is up to (sexually) and other things with this other woman. I am afraid I am jealous and he knows this too. My thoughts are I should let this go – but its easier said than done I am finding – help please! Any advice would be welcome Seb – Thanks a lot Seb – Sincerely Mike. X

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  1. Mike, I think you need to get on with your own sex life, and leave this man to get on with his.

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