Dr Christopher White, Ph.D., is an expert in sexual and reproductive health with over 25 years of professional teaching experience. He says that the art of gay cruising dates back decades, to the days when “homosexual conduct” was illegal, gay bars didn’t exist, and bathhouses were places people actually went to bathe. Men had to be creative with how they hooked up, meeting up in public parks after dark or empty bathrooms under the cloak of night.  I prefer cruising,” he says. “I like walking into a public restroom and noticing too many men hanging about with a nervous, expectant energy.” Cottaging, cruising, visiting the tearooms, or whatever you want to call it often takes place on college campuses and in shopping malls, parks, and rest stops on the highway. You can also find guys cruising on beaches, wooded areas, on the street, and in adult bookstores. He believes every man ought to give cruising a try once in their life. “When you’re ready to try something a little more exciting,” White writes, “put on some loose shorts or tight jeans, and head to a local cruising spot.”


4 thoughts on “The Art of Cruising

  1. I like Cruising totaly naked at Cruising Areas ore in Public. Most Time full Erect and masturbating

  2. My first gay experience was by cruising. I was 18, back in the late 80’s, and I found out that Bourbon Street had a gay section. I grew up outside of New Orleans and knew there were many gay men there, but I didn’t exactly know where to go to secretly meet them. That was until I overheard one of my Mother’s gay friends telling her where he would go with his boyfriend.
    The next weekend I went to Bourbon with my girlfriend and a group of friends. I intentionally separated from the group in search of a cock. I ended up in a dark, gay adult bookstore. I began looking around and found myself a booth. It wasn’t long before this gorgeous older gentleman knocked on the door. He was tall, well built, salt and pepper hair and beard. He was also married. He came in and said he’d been cruising all night for the right guy. He told me that I was the one he wanted. I was soooo turned on. We began to kiss, touch each other. I immediately got an erection from rubbing his hard chest. My hand slowly moved down to cock. It was rock hard. I moved to the bench that was in the booth and sat down. I was now at crotch level. I unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. His huge man meat sprang out. I was very impressed! It was so much bigger than mine. His balls were big as eggs, hairy and smooth. I thought how lucky I was!! I then started kissing his balls, inhaling his scent. I loved the musky, soapy odor. I couldn’t get enough. I then moved up to his cock and started to suck it. I knew I was a natural! He later confirmed it, by saying “ are you sure this is your first time?” I sucked him with gusto. After 5 minutes or so he blew his seed in my mouth. I slurped it down. I loved the salty taste. I then blew my load. I had been jerking off the whole time I was sucking him. We kissed and he told me that he hoped we would meet again. I never saw him again. But he was my first!
    I later rejoined my group, I told them I had gotten lost on a backstreet. I was over the moon!! I was so excited that I had sucked my first cock. My girlfriend asked me what had made me so happy. I told her, “ oh, just life!” I ended up going to the city every weekend to cruise. I absolutely loved sucking anon cock. I haven’t done it in years, but it brings back so many memories.

  3. I love cruising and even more when I meet up with a guy. His hand grasping my cock as it grows hard in his hand. Giving into our mutual cock lust enjoying the pleasure only men can know and share

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