I am a gay man, who is a top, so my butt never plays a part in sex. A friend showed me this article & then we watched the video together (he is a straight guy). He was fascinated with the idea of checking out his prostate. He asked me if I would help him to experience this sensation. I asked him, “Are you sure your straight?” He said. “Yes, but a couple of nights ago, I was making out with this chick and she started fingering my butthole and it felt good. Then she slipped her finger inside and touched something, it felt like an electric shock and I started shooting a huge load. It felt wonderful and I never cum that fast.” I got a chubby listening to him tell me about his experience.

Then he asked me, “As a gay man did you know about this?” I told him, ” Sorta, but never tried it.” He got a big grin and started to blush and asked if we could try it on each other? That was a “queer” question, comming from him. I quickly ask, “But your straight?!?” He said, “Yes I know but it felt so awesome!” My better judgement said NO, but my cock said yes. After stripping and checking out each others body, he climbed into my bed and held his legs in the air, my response was I got a hardon, as he was in the perfect position I liked a man to be in, but quickly remembered I wasn’t there to f**k him. . So, I played with his prostate and he instantly dropped any awkward feelings and got into buttf**king my finger. After about six nudges of the prostate, he shoot over his head! Wow! He said he had never shot that fast or that far before.

After he regain his mannor he told me to swap places, so we did. He was very awkward at first, but I have to admit that his touch of my butt felt good, then he entered a finger in my butt and that felt strange but not uncomfortable. Then he touched my prostate, at first it hurt, then he rubbed his finger against my prostate and it felt great. The more he did that, the harder I got. When I shot my load it was twice as much cum and a powerful explosion! Then we both felt somewhat awkward because we had just had sex together. So, I quickly said, “Thanks, you taught me a new lesson.” And offered him a high five. The high five brought it back to a normal setting for both of us. As he was leaving , he said, “we should do that again some time!” I said, “You can count on it!”

So, thank you for this video, it taught a gay, top it was ok to finger f**k your prostate and a straight man to learn you don’t have to be gay to enjoy butt/prostate sex!

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