Gay Fishing

Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in. I drink at it; but while I drink I see the sandy bottom and detect how shallow it is. Its thin current slides away, […]

Caress Yours Every Day!

Every morning I thank God for the gift between my legs. I lather up my cock and balls and my cock begins to get rigid and exceedingly hard. My erections amaze me as […]

The Almighty Phallus

The draw of and attraction to the Almighty Phallus came unto me at an early age. It is godlike in that it seemed a natural occurrence. I was enlightened to what has been […]

Military Sucker

I started to self suck when I was 18. I found I could easily reach my cock and loved the feeling of my mouth. I didn’t swallow right away but held the cum […]

A Sexual Awakening

Hi Seb,  Just wanted to drop a note. I came across your site one day while surfing bored at work. It was bookmarked immediately and I have revisited many times since. I enjoy […]

(Xperiment 19)

David, yes its normal for you. And many other men as well. Labels are for clothes. Had a guy tell me once, ” The older I get the more I like the chicks, […]

lie back and think of Cymru

I am in a heterosexual relationship but occasionally my partner and I have sex with a plumber, a friend for some 15 years and I also have sex with him and his partner. I am […]

Surreal in Essence

Seb, This is the only forum I would dare share something of this monumental intimate proportion! I have a lover, Bob, who is my “dream” guy. He hits 10 favs of my TOP […]

i have been there myself

In this life we are answerable to only ourselves. live your life for you. do what makes you happy. in many years to come you will know you made the right decision. its […]

What Any Real Man Does

I get you, man … guys should worry less about what they are and more about who they are with and making it a good experience right then, and not stress on what […]

Black Man Comes Out in A Jockstrap

Dave Tyson is a personal trainer from Virginia and according to his posts he’s a proud black gay man and tired of hiding. He writes on instragram: Growing up as a black male […]

Massage Prostatique à Paris?

Following the recommendation of a friend, I had the chance to receive a wonderful prostatic massage from Seb almost four years ago in London. It was my first and only experience of this […]

90% of camp men are heterosexual

Who is to say that gay and faggot mean the same thing? m Who is to say that homosexuality is the same as campness? I am gay and my boyfriend and I are not […]

Japanese Butterfly

THE JAPANESE BUTTERFLY : You can start, but it is impossible to finish it yourself, it is soooo INTENSE. It needs to be done by a friend (OR GOOD MASSEUR) with a lot of […]