Bathing the phallus is a tantric ritual act of purification promoting health and hygiene of the phallus and prostate gland. Dr. Pradeep Rao, Head of Urology with Global Hospital from Mumbai shares tips on daily personal care to maintain the health and hygiene of the phallus and prostate gland. Dr. Rao says that the most important tip you should follow is to daily wash the phallus with soap and water. It is important to wash it thoroughly no matter your age. He further explains the need to drink plenty of water which can reduce your chances of developing stones in the prostate gland. On an average, men should consume approximately 2.5 liters of water in any form – fruits, coffee, tea, juices or simply water. Liquids help to flush out waste that would generally accumulate in the phallus or prostate gland. The next tip is really important. Ejaculation is a great way to maintain phallus health, especially for men between 20-40 years. Ejaculation actually exercises the prostate gland which in turn prevents different urological problems.

To sum up Dr. Pradeep Rao care tips for phallus and prostate health : Drink daily a total of 2.5 litres of water/liquids. Bath your phallus frequently. Ejaculate 8 times a week. Source

4 thoughts on “Bath The Phallus Frequently

  1. I have stopped using soap (apart from hands, obviously). Not used soap for more than two years.
    I use a rock crystal for my pits (and it’s true, I very occasionally have to soap them.
    As for my cock, I wash daily, tenderly, lovingly, devotedly. I wash every little bit so carefully, drawing back the lengthy foreskin and ensuring the glans is washed clean.
    I ensure the foreskin folds around the frenulum are properly washed too, of course.
    I find this is all that’s needed to remain fresh.
    I apply a dab of lube to my glans and smooth it all around including the inner surface of the foreskin.
    Afterwards I take care to draw the foreskin forward so that there is no gathered skin behind the sulcus, but is fully and snuggly covering the glans just as it should.
    In this way as I walk around during the day, the lube and pre cum I have produced allow me to be aware of my glans slip-sliding around inside the foreskin – a delicious way to remain mindful of my cock.
    My cock-washing is a ritual – a devotional sex-act that gives tender loving and sacred care to that beloved organ.
    I hope all men love and respect their god-cock in this way.

  2. I believe!
    In my 50s and still cumming daily, sometimes more……
    Had to have a prostate blood test, NO sexual activity for three days, was so difficult that it took a long time before I could get the test! But, what I noticed when I first came again, was the tubular shaped globs of cum that are obviously going solid in there. Not hard but more solid than liquid. Blockages that luckily cumm out…..
    Make sure you keep it cumming guys, it’s so much fun anyway.

  3. You mean kidney stones? They pass through the prostate, but even before that, you learn there are nerves everywhere. Unfortunately.

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