Hi from Ohio, i like being seen naked for all of these eyes. Wanna see more of me? Ray Bernal

Hi Ray!! I’m a fellow exhibitionist and have been following you for years. Your a hot man. I’m very comfortable in the nude and enjoy having my photos shared and posted. I’m a proud 62 year old man and from the comments I receive I’m happy to call myself a proud exhibitionist.

Daddy Dave

22 thoughts on “Shameless Exhibitionist

  1. Hi, my name is Karsten. I’m form Bremen, Germany. I love to be naked and to show myself naked.

  2. What’s wrong with being comfortable with ones self , you certainly don’t have to be well endowed or have a perfect body to enjoy naked time at home or wherever one would choose to be exposed in the buff! ! Clothing is over rated and only helps you continue and indorse the way you want people to perceive you ! Truth is easily obtained in the naked and I feel people tend t o be more grounded , realistic , much less likely to make up a bunch of bullshit , rant n rave etc etc in the naked ! You also take better can of yourself , stay in shape , not over eat because you can see what you look like not covering your body
    And if you are well endowed it’s also ok to talk about it with whom ever, its not like we have control of what we are given , or blessed with due to family heritage , or DNA ? Adults need to be more understanding and proud of themsleves , it’s so silly being bashful about your nakedness ! It doesn’t mean you up for sale or on the prowl !!

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