To benefit more from wanking with a mirror make sure you focus on the parts of your body you like the most. Before you begin your ritual make a list of the 12 parts of your body you like the most. Be verbal with your self. Tell yourself how beautiful that particular part of your body is. Take your time, take huge deep breaths as you move from body part to body. Anytime you come close to ejaculation, take your hands away from your cock and bring it really close to the mirror. Blink both your eyes really quickly as you take a series of short shallow breaths. Gradually slow down your breathing enormous and resume your body celebration part of your ritual. When you are eventually ready to ejaculate, hold your breath and tighten every part of your body on your list. As you do this tighten and relax your love muscle|(YOUR PC MUSCLE) and ejaculate directly onto the mirror. As you resume your breath use long luscious licks to remove your sacred semen.

Masturbating with a mirror is good for your soul. When is the last time you masturbated in front of a mirror. What were the benefits of MALE MASTURBATION in a mirror. To tell us about your experiences, fantasies, or dreams please click here

8 thoughts on “Mirror in the Bathroom

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    I love standing in front of the mirror and watch me strip, get hard and stroke. Great feelings to see the different angles, almost like I am witnessing someone else self pleasuring.

  2. It’s been my favourite way to masturbate since I was 19 and at the tender age of 60 I love it all the more. I know I’m no Adonis but I am comfortable and happy in my body. I love being my own sex object.

    1. I am over 60 too, Brian and I love masturbating in front of mirror as I have said here.

      1. I’ve 60 and love to masrurbate until orgasm on a glass table when I lick the spunk up

      2. I’m 81 and still love to masturbate…very often in front off my full length mirror. The other day, my wife, still a beauty at 79, held her butt soiled panties to my nose while we both watched in the mirror…we had been wtching a porn video on the laptop on our bed…the whole scene was so sexy!! She finished me off with her mouth…AMAZING!! Can’t wait to do it again!

  3. I almost always have a mirror nearby but nowadays it’s a small mirror which allows me to focus on my beautiful penis. When I was younger and fitter I would regularly make love to my image in the mirror because I was so happy to see how my body had developed tone and muscularity. As I was masturbating I would try to identify where the pleasure was emanating from, but I could not distinguish between myself, my hand, my penis or all those things in the mirror. I guess there was a dissociation taking place, but this dissociation developed into a merging, until orgasm where I didn’t know who or what I was. Afterwards I would be sure to linger in the space where I was. I’d deliberately be very kind to myself, gently taking myself to bed, usually, and to restful sleep.

  4. I masturbate in front of a mirror regularly. I talk dirty things to myself as I undress and imagine someone is watching me. The talk and the imagination are things that definitely help an erection. I have done it many times now but I still get just as hard.

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