I come to the door to deliver a pizza. He answers the door wearing a robe semi closed, and underwear on underneath. In his pocket he has some bills. Next to the chair is an ottoman where he has some condoms (his size and mine) some lube, and some rope. He invites me in, and we exchange some pleasantries. I am immediately aroused by his muscled hairy body. He asks the amount, and I tell him and hand over the pizza. He reaches for the money out of his robe pocket, and at the same time sets down the pizza box and opens it up. He looks for a minute, and then turns to me and asks where the hell is the meat? I look surprised and say I don’t know. He tells me that this is the 3rd time our company has fucked up his pizza order, and that he is going to call the main office. I beg him not to, and tell him that I need my job to support my family. He asks me what I am going to do to make it right, and how can he get me to remember the meat? I stand there, and he throws the money on the floor, and tells me to get on my knees and pick it up. I kneel down and start to pick it up. I then look up and beg him again not to call the main office. He asks me what am I willing to do to change his mind, and I say anything. He smiles and rubs his crotch saying that he may have a way to remind me about the meat. He unbelts his robe and lets it fall open. I noticed his underwear has a nice bulge. At the same time he steps closer.


I ask what are you doing, and he says you know. I don’t say anything, and he moves even closer pushing his crotch into my face. I pull my head back and say I shouldn’t do this, he growls and says if I know what is good for you, you will. He then grabs the back of my head and pushes it into his crotch. I try to pull away, and he forces me back, and says since I forgot the meat, he has a piece of his own that needs to be eaten. He pulls me up by the collar and leads me over to the chair where he sits down and tells me I better earn his business. He pulls his robe open, pulls me down on my knees in front of him and forces my head onto his crotch. I start licking his underwear and chewing his cock. He pulls off his underwear and forces my head onto his sack. I suck it for a while and try to suck his cock, he forces we onto his ass and makes me tongue it. Eventually he pulls my head up and feeds me his cock. I start a long slow blow job. I work his crown and shaft, chewing and sucking; I lick his stomach, and nipples. He keeps his hand on my head and directs me to where he wants my lips. This can go on for as long as he wants. After I have spent a good deal of time sucking his cock and he has a nice precum dripping out, he pulls my head off his cock. He smiles and says that I am better than any woman. He asks who taught me to suck cock so well. I smile and say I learned on the big dicked neighbor man. He laughs and say let’s see what else he taught you. He instructs me to lie on my stomach of the ottoman. He slips on a condom, ties my arms behind my back, and pulls down my pants. He dry fingers me, licks me, and then he straddles me, rubs on some lube and insert his cock. He plows me for a long time and then masturbates me till I come. He keeps plowing me for another 10-15 minutes. Finally he pulls out, puts me down on my knees, pulls off his condom, grabs my head and fucks my mouth till he explodes. He lets out a yell as every last drop of sperm shoots down my throat. Finally he looks down and asks me if I will forget the meat next time. I smile and say if I do, I will be sure to be the one whole delivers the pizza! 


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