You are invited to celebrate masculinity in a circle of naked men. We will explore new ways to generate erotic energy. We begin with a short film and discussion about self pleasure.

After the self-undressing ritual, we continue into a pleasure practice called “The Three Circle Ritual”. In this short workshop, we’ll practice how to slow things down and re-connect with your erotic self. Here is an opportunity to take your time, respond to the needs of the man you. Pleaase bring a small item with you that represents yourself, as it will be placed on our alter before our ceremony begins. I intend to foster a culture of celebration, non-competition, trust, truth and respect. For the men that choose to cum, our semen will be ejaculated onto our alter

1 thought on “3 Circle Ritual

  1. …fuck me, got an instant knob-throb + itch down south of the naval, causing big-time mega-twitchin’/packet-swellage to the already straining, XL overspill of my new, white-lycra/cotton, thin-stretch-mesh-fabric, skin-tight, majorly-bulging sports tanga-briefs….
    ….so much twitchin’/throbbin’ in fact was caused to the growing/tenting contents of my mighty-bulky, bottom-heavy-hangin’, spring-bounce-rebounding, pendulous & ”cup/runneth/over” sized crotch-packet [already with bulge-enhancing support courtesy of these new pair of ultra-clinging, nearly-see-thru’, tight & revealing sports-briefs {frm David Beckham’s new summer 2KIV swim/underwear collection@’H&M’} lifted/squashed-up together very closely {along with my large, phat, Half-Mast squashed } inside my underpants huge, bulbous, ballooning, semi-transparent crotch…

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