BUDGIE smugglers, an Australian term used since the 1980s to refer to close-fitting swimming trunks, is included in the latest update of the Oxford English Dictionary. A jocular reference to a man’s tight-fitting swimming costume or swimsuit appearing as if he has a budgerigar concealed inside it, ie. his bulging genitals.

7 thoughts on “The Budgie Smuggler

  1. Bring back the smugglers, I reckon. I’m not sure why younger Australian men have become so shy about their tackle these days. There even seems to be a trend of keeping their undies on in public showers. 😛

  2. I am a lover of the budgie smuggling and I am a lover of the tightly worn Levi’s that shows the world you have a thick one and a full set of balls.

  3. I had a pair of budgies for years and always wondered if they displayed too much, wondered whether people could see the shape of my cock in them. Sadly I don’t have them any more but still wonder if I gave people a preview when they were wet.

  4. Nothing better than a tight budgie covered ass and bulge! Always enjoy seeing older men wear them

  5. Yes – it is a sad fact that what was once the universal swimwear of choice for the Aussie man with a perky little collection of smuggled Tadgers as far as the eye could see on any Aussie beach, has now become an item of scorn. The very term Budgie Smuggler, while reclaimed with pride by us enthusiasts (and now a brand of swimwear) was originally (and still is some would say) a term of ridicule. Butt, those men of a certain age who stick a middle finger (or perhaps a middle dick) up the pussies of convention still hoist the banner and proudly display their Lollie Bags in their Banana Hammocks. Schlongs on display in that awkward collection of bumps and lumps that is a squished-up set of tackle behind polyester. I love my Budgies…. I prefer wearing nothing at all when swimming, but needs must at times, and when I am bathing in public, my speedos are way better than wet boardies chaffing your groin. What the hell has happened to Homo Ozzienthis? Has he lost the balls to put the boys out on display???? I weep for my nation…. its also become a nation of blokes who change behind the towel even when in the men’s changing room…. WTF???

    I really like the Budgy Smuggler brand – its bloke-y and irreverent and tries to make them mainstream again….https://budgysmuggler.com.au/collections/mens-swimwear
    The iconic Aussie Speedo however, has gone all apologetic on us.. https://speedo.com.au/catalog/men/swimwear/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiq6tooLI5wIVBK6WCh0FDAJuEAAYASADEgJbVfD_BwE.
    Aussie Bum captures a more sexy market and celebrates what’s so great about us Aussie men https://www.aussiebum.com/mens/swimwear

    One of my favourite things is peeling off a sodden pair of wet Budies, rolling them down to release the boys for a dangle. This might be in the showers after, or hastily in the bushes up in the sand dunes, but either way, its nice to get them off. Equally, a quick down-trouw to let the trout out beyond the surf bouncing in the waves beyond the green room is always liberating. Just have to remember not to lose them and have to walk up the beach nué.

    Gotta say I love my Budgies – but its all us old blokes now – a bit paunchy, a bit hairy, but all mannn….

  6. Sadly not many guys in Oz wear budgies these days preferring board shorts. Pity because budgies make young guys look so sexy ….

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