Lingam Massage not only relaxes you, it may help ease your anxiety and depression. When groups of men with depression get lingam massage therapy, their stress hormone levels change and their anxiety and depression ease. Lingam Massage could be a safe and positive addition to your mental health strategy program. But lingam massage alone isn’t a proven treatment for depression, YET.

Gentle touches at the start to stimulate especially around the tip, then more sturdier movements with focussed understanding, caring about the journey as much as reaching the destination. Soft lingering touches with 1 and then 2 hands touching different parts of me at the same time. Not too fast but continuously and building up to something amazing! Then longer strokes, oiled and building up to a faster and orgasmic ending. I love lube too. Great invention!


I enjoy the touch of another person, of any gender, on my body, especially my penis. I prefer gentle to vigourous massage, and warm oils are always a plus. I like to feel strong hands massaging my inner thighs, lifting them slightly to feel my balls and cock from under. I find it very arousing. Then firmer grips with pressure, my foreskin sliding slowly up and down over my glans, being slapped against a hand (or something else …) I’m also very keen on massaging other’s manhoods; I take great pleasure from giving pleasure.


I love to fully relax during a massage but Know that this is hard to get when you receive a massage the first time from a new masseur in an unknown environment. I definitely enjoy both being fully naked during the massage, the receiving and the giving part. And I like it when any cm of the body is included but it shouldn’t be jus a rub, rather a very slow process of skin meeting skin.


24 thoughts on “A Cure 4 Depression?

  1. After experiencing a full release massage it’s difficult to go back to a regular level massage. Men know each other in a way that is beautiful and shame free. God made us to be happy and fulfilled. Men who enjoy each other is the most natural thing in the world. Go get massaged and when you shoot your load don’t forget to smile! Enjoy yourselves gentlemen.

    1. I agree totally I regularly have a gay massage and getting sucked off love it
      The thing I haven’t tried a threesome massage which I would love to try

        1. Hi Allan where are you based love you to massage me x

      1. Hi David allan here I’m in the UK would love to get my hand on your big hard cock xxx allan

        1. Hi Allan how are you doing yes I would love you to get your hands on my cock and mine on yours
          Where are you based in the Uk
          Are you on WhatsApp

        2. Hi Allan what part of the Uk are you based in
          I would love to get your hands on my cock

        3. Yes great love that where are you based in Uk I live near Aldershot Hampshire

      2. Hi David allan here I’m in Scotland you big cock photo’s have given me a hard-on.Would love to be on my knees in front of you with your cock in my mouth .I am in bed wanking looking at you cock xxx allan

  2. i have been thoroughly depressed for years. Masturbation is a great distraction, but it does nothing for my mental health. In fact, i am often left thinking “what the hell was the point of THAT??” after climaxing.
    Some times are better than others.
    Lately though, for the past few weeks i have been feeling particularly hopeless.
    Masturbation has just become “a thing to do” after getting home from work, a thing to do to get to sleep or a thing to do to forget how lonesome and detached i have been feeling.
    What can you do when nothing brings you happiness??
    i tried and failed suicide three different times, and that isn’t because i didn’t give it effort.
    By all accounts, i should not be typing this right now.

    1. Hey Blake,
      That fucking sux, BUT, you are here now and being really brutally honest. You reach out and communicate. I don’t, usually. I know you say it doesn’t bring HaPenis, no of course not, but I would challenge you to hate your penis, because I don’t think that is possible. He might be too small or gets too big when he should be small, maybe you just want any penis but yours…. right? But close your eyes and start touching him until them sensations are more or at least as strong, as your thoughts when they won’t stop. Just keep on with the sensations, the fact that you have a penis, you can’t see him so you don’t know if he’s an ugly brute or whatever, just focused on what feelings he gives you. Where I’m headed is that I believe that any penis feels exactly all the same things and it is so good to have a penis. I assume you might agree or you might have chopped it off by now…… sick joke. So when you feel your penis, it’s what we all feel, even when you’re dark what you’re feeling is being a man with the men here, gathered by Seb and that means men and penis. Its that simple, but also worth thinking about. A shit load of us will be having a hopeless wank too, draw brotherhood from that ok. I don’t think anything will bring happiness, it is sort of overrated and pursuing it makes us unhappy. WTF. When I keep going without happiness as the goal, its way easier and some happy moments creep in, but it can be hard to recognise if you’re not used to it.
      So “what was the point of that” after an unfulfilling wank……. Not sure, but maybe you just released some endorphins into your ailing system which doesn’t make you all fucking chipper, but raises you above the suicide threshold…….and that would definitely be a good reason to keep wanking my friend.
      You are in a dark place and I understand, and hope you will keep crying out for what you need.

    2. I would ask you Blake, why are you lonely and hopeless? What made you crawl into that shell? At what point did you realize you were unhappy?
      These are of course rhetorical questions.
      I’ve gone through bouts of depression. The last one I had ended about 6 months ago, and in my case, it was (of course) because a man I loved deeply, decided to not love me anymore.
      Bro, I healed eventually but it took 2 years. There isn’t any easy go-to solution to depression. But there are a few things you can do.
      The first is the easiest. Groom yourself daily. Find ways to renew yourself if you’ve become stagnant. Wear clothes and styles you never thought you’d wear because they aren’t ”you”.

      Take walks in the sun. Look up into the sky. Doing this will free endorphines.

      Try new things. One thing I did was to pick up baking. I love bread of all kinds, so why not try qnd excel att making it? Now I’m getting real goid at baking real artisan bread. That amazing smell filling the whole house. The great feeling of your handywork coming into fruition. And having warm fresh baked bread with melty butter and cheese…. brother it’s the simple things!

      Lastly, meditate.
      Start by sitting on a chair or armchair. Close your eyes. Feel through your body. Go through each part. Then you start repeating a mantra. Could be anything really. The name of a god, a loved one, or something that would make you happy. Keep thinking it. Over and over. Whenever an image comes into your mind, imagine it’s made out of dust, and blow it away, and refocus on your mantra. Soon you may notice that you have silenced your inner dialog, and with it all the negative thoughts. Even if it’s only for a minute or a few seconds, you can feel the relief. Keep doing that daily. Do it even if you don’t want to – especially then!

      Good luck brother.

  3. How and where can one experience this kind of massage? I am in the EU and would love to participate. Cheers.

    1. Lennie, given your avatar picture (assuming it’s you) I would recommend you make your way to NZ and I will perfect my technique until your depression leaves you! 😉

  4. I always like to me caressed from top to bottom, slow to begin and then some faster strokes. edging is a must. fingers exploring my anus and mouth. lightly breathe and blow over my head as I start to climax

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