My Dick Brain

i was turned onto this site when i was just randomly looking at naked man pics on google. It Tripped me right the Fuck out!! like, i seriously felt as if my Spirit […]

Porn Worthy?

With care, and with loving touches. stroked gently then switching to a nice tight grip. Rubbing my cockhead with a fingertip swirling my precum around the tip. Touching my manhood from my balls […]

Naked HaPenis

Here at the HaPenis Project we recommend every man to have a naked photo shoot. The problem of course is finding the right photographer, at a price that right for you. Have you […]


‘Penis, cock, schlong, dick, willy, lingam. Call it what you will, but there’s no doubt that the meaty, blood-filled appendage that hangs between the legs of just over half of the world’s population […]

Shower HaPenis

“You have no need to travel anywhere – journey within yourself. Enter a mine of rubies and shower in the splendour of your own HaPenis.”

The HaPenis Teddy Bears

Your penis is the very core of you. Nurture your penis and you nurture your entire being. Give your penis a blessing, and you bless your spirit. And as you slowly massage your […]

Irish Tantra

Irish Tantra(aka Lucky Tantra) has it’s own chakra system. The 7th Century Irish poem The Cauldrons of Poesy explained the system as overflowing pots that simmer their spiritual energy. In ancient Celtic traditions […]

Intimacy in My Married Life

My lust4cock seems a bit different than other stories I’ve read here. I’m not married to a woman, lusting after men. Instead, I’m married to a man; yet we have not had sex […]

Nothing Hurried!

I think that connection is the most important thing. Would love my manhood massaged as part of a full experience. It s not only about the act itself, but more of who, where […]