Spunky Phenomenon

Charlie is a 34 year old handyman from East Sussex. This Hastings lad loves to ejaculate in French. He believes that has made him the Spunky Phenomenon he has become. Charlie has always […]

Crème d’Homophobie

Cadbury has stoked outrage on twitter after they revealed their new Easter 2021 advertisement which features a gay couple, Callum Sterling and Dale K Moran kissing over their iconic Creme Egg, Na Laochra […]

favourite places for having a wank?

I LOVE the sauna. It’s my favourite place for getting nude and having a wank. Many times I’m alone but sometimes (hopefully) another bloke is there and we jerk off together or lend […]

The Pleasure in Myself

Hi Guys, welcome. This is a guided sexercise. Lie down, sit down. Relax, to your deepest cock breathing . The secret is cupping one hand around your balls while putting your other hand […]

A Gentleman’s Semen

When a man ejaculates, the message is sent from his spinal cord, not his brain, which explains his amazing facial expressions during ejaculation. It is easy in a man’s face to see when […]

the mindful masturbation class

I recently held one of my mindful masturbation classes in London. We used the 3 Circles ritual to guide us as a tool for our sexological learning. Facilitating this type of erotic event […]

A Wank With A Satanist

Hello Seb, I was brought up a catholic and i think that is where i get a lot of my “spiritual” beliefs from. Unlike many i love the “catholic” spirit but as i […]

psycho sexualise

So you feel comfortable with your sexuality, you’re certain of who and what, turns you on.  You might be happy being described as hetero, homo, bi, or trans sexual, there again you might […]

Big Lingam Tantra

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The Perfect One

OnlyThat IlluminedOneWho keepsSeducing the formless into formHad the charm to win myHeart.Only a Perfect OneWho is alwaysLaughing at the wordTwoCan make you knowOfLove. Related CoxologyOn the Magical Uses of Semen, Part ISex Yourself?As […]

Favourite (s)Wanking Techniques

Grab the shaft and run ur hand down to the bottom then rapidly trust ur hand to the top of the helmet repeat and squeeze ur balls gently then alternate to hard while […]

True Masculine Power

Step more fully into your authentic masculine power. Become more conscious of your true masculine power. Related CoxologySubservience to Pleasuretantric cock massageThe PrivilegePenis Massage Prayer

Cannabis Capnolagnia

Smoking fetish (also known as capnolagnia) is a sexual fetish based on smoking of tobacco, most often via cigarettes or cigars. As a fetish, it regard sexual arousal from the observation or imagination […]

Bate Nation Championship

Love to see how many, if not most, of these men work a nipple with one hand as they jack with the other. TANGO BRAVO Related CoxologyThe Male Clitoris?Wanking Is The Antidote To […]

Evening Star

The power of love came into me, and I became fierce like a lion, then tender like the evening star. Frictionless Related CoxologyDrop the SoapCleavage by Benoit PrevinTodo El CieloCock Self Photography