Don’t Forget Your Shovel

That was my destiny until I quite accidentally became a shaman. After generation, after generation, of digging holes I was the one that discovered that I could make a better living from pleasuring […]


Percy Long Prong was a well known builder and a highly regarded male escort(prostitute) for women in London during the 1920’s and 1930’s. One of his calling cards was found recently by a […]

Chris Duffy Bull Stanton

Chris Duffy (born 1961), was an American professional bodybuilder, who also worked as a gay porn actor in the gay pornography film industry under the pseudonym Bull Stanton, becoming the firsty acclaimed bodybuilder […]

ready 4 it

I was bored and away from home in a hotel in London. On an impulse I phoned an escort I found on the net. The first guy who was available was a 28yr old […]