Dear Seb, I bought a solid silver one from Circled Serpents in Sydney, Australia. Rob, who makes them, was of tremendous help. The site has advice on measuring round your entire package for a good fit. The one I selected was a heavy rope – great feeling! As erection occurs, it feels as if the ring is tightening: it isn’t, of course, but that’s definitely the sensation. If you’ve got a good fit, your glans is bursting with blood and extra sensitive from the swelling of the nerve endings, I think.  Your dick is very stiff but, unlike those rings that snap round the base of your willy, this ring doesn’t prevent oxygen from getting to your cock so it doesn’t go blue and cold. Yep, it remains hot and retains its true colours! If you go for super-tight, you risk a blue, cold willy – unpleasant. I’d suggest getting a tape measure round your package when you have an erection and then pulling it tighter; take your measurement then. Remember, though, that you have to be able to put your balls through first, then pull your todger through (and get it off later, by doing the above in reverse).  Putting it on and taking it off can only be achieved without an erection. You don’t want it too loose either or it will slip off when you’re not erect and when you are it won’t do much. Putting it on. First, while your willy’s soft, put the ring under your balls and pull each one through into the ring. Take the end of your cock and poke it through. If you’ve got a foreskin, it’s very useful for helping pull the rest of your cock through afterwards. You might need a bit of lubrication, especially if you’re cut. Once all three partners are surrounded by the ring, you can adjust as you want. Make sure the ring’s snug against your body, but you can have it as tight or loose as you want. I’ve found that I can keep it loosely against my body for hours very comfortably; when I’m ready for action, I get a very rigid erection from pulling as much of my scrotum through as possible; you can do this while you’re still soft, and then when you go stiff – wow! I didn’t find silicon was much use, quite frankly – it gives!  I’m sure steel would be just as effective technically as the Circled Serpents range, but having a snake or a rope round your privates is very sexy for you and your partner. I think the plain ring looks clinical, but I do have a slightly smaller diameter one in silver that’s plain – the smaller diameter give me a stiffy of steely hardness. Making love wearing one of these – man, it’s good!  The extra rigidity from either of my rings enhances my pleasure considerably. To get it off, you have to wait for your erection to go down. Then pull the ring forwards over your softy (use lubrication if needed) and manoeuvre your best friend backwards out of the ring. After your dick’s out, your balls will follow easily. Does it interfere with intercourse?  I can only speak for straight stuff – if she hasn’t felt it with her hand or seen it on you, she doesn’t know you’re wearing it (except she might wonder why you’re more excited and why your todger’s so hard). Wash it afterwards – just some soapy water – and dry it. Don’t leave it for days – ugh!  Your sweat and anything else will be a breeding ground for bacteria. But you can wait till morning. Dom

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