Use lots of lubricant. Honey is amazing. Smear 2 heaped spoonful all over his cock and balls. If he is not totally erect do more licking than sucking. When sucking occasional run your finger around the base of his cock in circular motions. Gently massage his ballsTry putting both his balls in your mouth while his cock dangles in your face. Lick the balls when they are in your mouth. Use your hands on his cock as well. Use your tongue while his cock is in your mouth. Change frequently between licking and sucking. Use lots of sexy talk as you hold his cock about one inch from your mouth. Tell him how much you like sucking his cock. Rub the area behind his balls (his perineum), scratching very gently between his balls and manhole. For a short time lick his balls and the inside of his thighs but stay away from actually touching his cock. Put some ice in your mouth and continue sucking. Always remember the technique is to simulate the way he wanks, your lips need to become his hand. Your lips need to suck as he would wank. If he wanks watch think, his hand is your mouth. Pay attention to the rhythm he uses. Does he work the tip or the entire shaft, or both, and in what proportion? Which side of the penis does he favour? Simulate that action as best you can with your mouth.

4 thoughts on “Tantrick Cocksucking

  1. I’m bi and I love to CD but won’t pass. Even though I get a lot compliments. I do enjoy sucking a nice cock! I make men’s legs quiver! So I can and will brag on myself for my talent. I use a lot of suction licking and stroking. But I can make any man go from telling me he’d rather stand. To. I need to sit down! Without using my hands at all. Its hard to describe. You’ll just have to experience it for yourself. 😉

  2. cut guys like the helmet worked more to stimulate the missing foreskin, also they are a little less sensitive, gently squeeze between the roof of your mouth and the tongue – you may feel him squirm while you do this sometimes a tremble in the thigh pressing against your face. its the uncut guys that want to push into your throat.

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