Hi,I’ve been trying to reply to the Albolene “thread” but I’m unable to. Must I be a “member”?I just wanted to add that I used to be an Albolene devotee until I realised it’s PETROLEUM based!I STRONGLY suggest against its use.There are MANY other lubes like extra virgin coconut oil for example that’s unfuckingbelievable!Of course not for use with condoms but we’re talking about jerking off, right?Thanks!

Joel Bali, Indonesia (where the coconut reigns supreme!)

If you are looking for a safe condom to use with coconut oil or any oil based lubricant, make absolutely sure it has Polyurethane  or MicroSheer on the label. Only polyurethane condoms can safely be used with Coconut Oil, so if you must use an oil-based lubricant, please use only Polyurethane condoms. Besides their benefits for sufferers of latex allergies, polyurethane has several advantages over latex.  Polyurethane conducts body heat better than latex, has no odor, is less sensitive to temperature and UV light so they have a longer shelf life, and can be used with any oil-based lubricants.  Some brands are made thinner than many latex versions, and with the increased heat transfer, some users find them to be more natural and intimate feeling. Mr Cox recommends Trojan Supra Condoms which are made from Polyurethane  (MicroSheer), it’s ultra-thin, strong, and clear (almost invisible), and has no latex allergens. It’s compatible with water-,silicon-, and oil-based lubricants, has no taste or smell, and can transmit body heat, unlike latex. Supras are also quite a bit larger than the average condom, so are not suitable for men with small cocks. Other available brands of polyurethane condoms include: Okamoto, 0.02, EX Polyurethane Condom and Sagami Original. Not all non-latex condoms are safe to use with oil-based lubricants. Others a made from a different material called Polyisoprene which is a natural rubber that is chemically similar to latex. So cannot be used with oil-based lubricants.

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  1. 1St time harin abt coconut oilaz lubricant. Where do you buy it ?? Signed BigggDummy ???

  2. So if you are looking for a condom to use with coconut oil or any oil based lubricant, make absolutely sure it has Polyurethane or MicroSheer on the label.

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