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  1. the biggest cock i ever saw was black.i was just eighteen years old and had a job in the steel mill. we always showered after work. me being a little penis guy was always kinda looking at other cocks when no one was looking. this one black guy had the biggest smoothest cock i ever saw. one day he let me know he knew i was looking at his cock a lot. he asked me to his place for a beer or two and i said o.k. at his place he came out of the bathroom naked and said here i am naked now you can look all you want. his cock was 9-10 inches and very clean. after a while he asked me to play with him and i just froze. here was this big cock i had been looking at so much hanging in my face. i began to play with him soon and before i knew it that big thing was in my mouth. after about 10 minutes of sucking on it that thing exploded. there was come everywhere. when it was over he said he was married. i didn’t believe what i had just done. months later i was caught by his wife while sucking him off. she wasn’t mad and just wanted to watch. she watched me suck his massive cock for years.

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