I am not a label

I am not a sin,

I am the soul

that lives within.

Join me and feel

The delights.

Of being a sucking


i will show you something right now,


“I am not a label
I am not a sin,
I am the soul that lives within

4 thoughts on “A Sucking Disgrace

  1. Top photo: I just got off looking at Grampy Double Cocksucker. He’s had decades of experience and is a Master of his craft! Older men who still have Cocklust are hot.

  2. I love manicured genitals. (Shaved balls, and trimmed pubes). Who manufactures the safest and best electric ball shaver? (I hate getting nicks!)

    1. I love shaved smooth balls and cock. To me it’s sensual, erotic and sexy. I use a straight razor but also available is manscaped products on manscaped dot com.

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