I have hair on my chest

I drink whiskey

I work out

I like Karate

I drink beer

I like heavy metal

Let’s fight

Lets fuck.

I smoke

I stay out late

I win

I read (ie: I’m smarter than you.)

Let’s fuck

Sometimes I lose ….but I learn
I don’t care
That’s my job
I had steak for lunch
Do you want to fuck?
I provide
I take care of business
C’mon let’s fuck
I build
I take
I teach
I preach
Let’s fuck
I’m happy
Don’t cut me off in traffic
I lead
I challenge
How about we fuck?

I yell
I critique
I solve
Are we going to fuck?
I drive a sports car
I save money
I spend money
I make money
I brag
I show off
I really really need to fuck
I said I drive sports car
I drink…. did I mention that.
Let’s fuck
I wait
I wait
I’m patient
I drink
I smoke
I emote
We aren’t going to fuck are we?
I work out
I compete
I shoot guns
I ride a motorcycle
I’m cultured
Don’t make me beg for it Bitch.
I judge
I kill
I love
I ponder
I create
I scheme
I think you are really special
Let’s Fuck
I can lift heavy boxes
I can hang pictures
I can drive you around
I can buy you dinner

by Hoping2bhelpfull

2 thoughts on “Staunch Masculinity by Hoping2bhelpfull

  1. Thank you steve, if you feel like writing anything else we would welcome your wisdom
    a big hug

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