Masculinity appears toxic to anyone who cannot embody it. It’s certainly not an inclusive ideal. And these days where inclusiveness is a mantra, and where everyone gets a medal just by showing up, you can imagine how unfashionable Masculinity has become. People have tried for ages to define what masculinity is, but as soon as you put it to words you diminish it into a mockery. Yet we do try.

Masculinity is a presence, a state where the body is a mirror of the mind. Every bulging muscle. Every straw of beard. Every whiff of musk. Every vein on a swollen, massive cock. That spark in a real Man’s eyes. They all radiate potency. They demand respect and worship.

That’s the best I can do, and look how cheesy it got. It can be dissected and ridiculed in a hundred different ways, particularly by those who don’t “get it”. Women, effeminate males, limp wristed queens, perpetual betas…

The best way to embody masculinity is to surround yourself with it. Look for true Alphas, and let them empower you. To have an Alpha Man in your midst is not a threat, it’s a blessing. Why not suck a Man’s cock? Worship his balls, smell them, rest your face against them. Dive face first into his armpits, let yourself be intoxicated by his scent. Feel his Manhood throb in your mouth, the urethra pound like a piston, feel the head grow bigger and harder… notice his belly heave as his seed explodes into you. By all means, spit it out afterwards. You have already received his most important gift, and that’s his energy. It’s that energy that unlocks something in your brain. “Put some hair on yer chest” is not an expression without origin.

I love you, Brothers.


Step more fully into your authentic masculine power. Become more conscious of your true masculine power.

14 thoughts on “Respect & Worship

  1. Do you have a gentleman by the Sean Willis listed on this website.. he’s so hung I will like to see more of his images if any are on this page.. message me if they are ..

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