What I’d want in a hot man that wouldn’t mind some guy on guy action is a guy hairy 40 years or older that is masculine but not afraid of intimacy. I’d start him off by licking his nips if he’d like that and kiss his hairy body. I’d kiss and lick his meaty asscheeks and lightly probe between them just in and out to see if that would work for him. Then whatever way he’d want me to suck his cock I’d pleasure that bastard till he’s hard and his meaty head is red twitching. Then I’d give him my ass but I’d tell him to go easy and slow on me, I want to feel the heat inside of me, let him lay on top of me. Then I’d want him talk in my ear does he want my ass? How bad does he want it I’d reach behind me to feel his, then I’d wiggle my cheeks to let him enter me deeper, and thrust a little harder. I’d want to feel every spasm that causes pre-cum to pour out, feel it slowly lube my tight hole applied by his cock-head. He’d easily find my prostate and send me oozing on my own… then I’d want him to fuck, fuck me! That lube that is in my ass I’d want him to slide it in and out hear his groans, tell me he wants it more and just ass over end just let his tail pound my asshole until he fills me up! Craig

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