hi Mr Cox, you pick me as cock of the month before and thank you for that I’m so flattered, I will be 22 in august next yr and I know your the only person can only answer this, my cock is very sensitive I cum fast everytime I get a blowjob, the sensation I feel is incredibly good, I already used stuff to delay my ejaculation but still don’t work and how will i stop my uncontrollable precum, my crotch is wet all the time, and it causes a funky aroma

Hello sexy, I think you are a star. You have a very very beautiful cock. You are probably cumm_ing fast because your cock is so sensitive. There are a few things you can do help make it less sensitive. When you are chilling out play with your cock without getting an erection. Holding your cock at the base slap it from right to left hitting the head on opposite legs. You can be quite vigorous with this part of your ritual. Wear a metal cock ring and some light coloured tight fitting jogging pants(no underwear) and go for a swift walk for an hour every day. During sex, it’s really important that you allow your cock to go from very erect to semi-erect as often as possible. Before getting a blow job tip your cock in a jar of honey and get your beloved to lick your frenulum at least 81 times. In relation to the funky aroma, I know some men and women who would be driven completely crazy with lust by your aroma.  Every few days wash your cock and foreskin. Never use a bar of soap, something in it’s contents can cause slight irritation.  I like to use Clean&Clear, an exfoliating daily wash by Johnson & Johnson, available in the Uk at Boots. Apply it liberally directly on the cock. Then wash it down firstly with cold water and then, with warm. Then to finish the ritual I use “Original Source” Tea Tree & Mint Shower gel. Never use an antibacterial soap, as this cause damage to the environment, you can image how much good it would do your very beauty. Before getting out of the shower give your cock a good rub up against the shower windows. A big hug, seb cox

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