what is Mandarin for Happy Ending

Seb. I get boners during massage all the time. I would LOVE to have your hands all over me coaxing the man juice from between my thighs, but as I live in Australia it will have to wait until the next time I cumm 2 London and have nothing on. In the meantime I have a fit young Chinese massage artist who does great arse work with my upper thigh and never misses a brush or five of my “tween the legs”. He’s started adding in a vigorous rubba dub dub of my taint and balls and a crazy tummy massage where he fingers pressure points down my naval to my pubic boner. Then rubs the energy down my hairy tummy trail and out my cock. His incidental brushing of my shaft and balls is greatly appreciated. As he speaks no English and I no Chinese no common tongue seems to be a healthy respect for a good thorough rub down. I love his young tough gymnast hands and his scant regard for the privacy towel. I always leave him my big tip and cumm home for a deeply satisfying wank which cumms from down within my prostate as he’s spent an hour and a half giving me the most glorious inner glow of peace and calm and good old fashioned blokey respect for Schlong. It’s a very respectable hotel spa so I never ask and he never offers extras – but what is Mandarin for Happy Ending…. he is a master of the tease I think and bi the way I keep Cumming back for more.


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  1. Seb. I am still attending my fit Chinese gymnast masseur. He is by far the best overall rub down I’ve had. Not a millimetre of my whole body has been missed by his vigorous touch. He’s moved beyond the tease and seems eager to make me cumm most visits. Oiled up and at close quarters my thigh rubs always include a good sack rub too and my shaft is fully worked over with oil and a head massage for both my hairy one and my purple one. His finger applying pressure on my arsehole as I cumm is one of his special touches. But while his actual massage is perfect and skilled, I feel the sensual additions are something he willing does without me asking but I wonder if he feels he is obliged to now. We have got in the habit. I wonder if it should tip him first – before the massage because I truly have never been disappointed. He can then decide if he wants to make me cumm or not. Quite frankly, if he rubbed me I really enjoy going home and doing it myself. I almost feel like I have to apologise to him as he wipes my jiz. He always playfully uses a warm flannel to wipe my spent dick of any residual jizz. Is that my embarrassment at enjoying it so much? He seems to appreciate that I do obviously enjoy it. He is very service oriented.

    I must say, I am looking forward to getting London for one of your special massages.

  2. hello The real Bob, working at a respectable hotel spa he probably gets about 10% of what you pay. Invite him for dinner. Once he is relaxed ask about hiring him privately. In mandarin it wouldd be impolite to ask for a happy ending. Butt, i Traditional Chinese its 法輪功 or in Simplified Chinese 法轮功

    1. Thanks Seb. I’ll have him for a slap up feed and a sleepover at mine and that would be 法轮功 for both of us. Love your work Mr Cox. Bi the way I give a big tip which could explain why he is so eager to please my big tip. But all jokes aside. I reckon it’s a deeply spiritual connection once you spend so much time up close and oily.

    2. Seriously – I respect his professionalism and ability. He relieves my back and leg pain (stress and a sedentary job with lots of long flights) and makes the whole experience pleasurable. In spite of our lack of common language there is a real mutual respect. No nonsense approach, no mucking around, he seems to like my gratitude and neither he nor I are squeamish of contact with my intimate places. An oiled up arse rub with a perineum slide finishing on the balls is refreshing most Tuesday and Sunday evenings which have become my regular nites. He’s a man’s man and I enjoy his man’s touch in a very Gillette ad sort of way.

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