True story about pipe Smoking leading to my erection. I was so turned on to a repair man that came to fix a pipe in our laundry room. I was 19 the repairman was 26 at the time hairy all over. hair sticking above his T-shirt neck. He was working on the pipe. I was the only family member home. I stayed out of his way. He asked me a question. He said I couldn’t help notice the slight hardon you were getting. I was embarrassed. He said it’s cool I am gay and very discreet I would never tell anyone. I noticed that He smokes a pipe. I said so you smoke, yes only on a break. I said my parents will be home later in the day. He said I can smoke in my van. so, He said for you I could smoke it and have you open the passenger door and I could blow smoke in your face, well, I almost cummed when I heard that, the rest of this true story is way too much to type. It really was my 1st experience with a pipesmoker.


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  1. One silver lining to the pandemic is, plenty of time to work on your, ah, handball.

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