I am a priest (retired) and enjoy the male naked body. There is no shame in it. Sex is God’s gift and meant to be enjoyed. As a priest I have always been supportive of those who suffer guilt through conflict about serving God and sexual desire. If the desire for same-sex contact was ‘ungodly’ surely we would not have the desire – or is this just too simplistic? Bryan

3 thoughts on “God and Sexual Desire

  1. Are you looking for spiritual experiences with men or women? I am a ex-nurse woman with Reiki experience and have a high spiritual awareness. I am looking for man with huge cock to give massages with highly intense pleasure for spiritual renewal in exchange for same. Will avail myself to exploration of trust issues through the talk touch experiences and explore primal penetration activities that produce refreshing, invigorating release and satisfaction including breast massage with nipple sucking and other oral activity that encourages feelings of security and a happy well being. Looking for repeat weekly meetings which last approx. 3 hours with diary entries after each experience. If interested contact me at shelleyrosser9@gmail.com

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