The short answer to this question is, “Yes!” God has promised that He will give us what we ask for. We just need to know the best time to ask him.

(1 John 5:14–15)

I love wanking and praying, as it always allows me to get exactly what I need in my life. During my conscious masturbation sessions, I concentrate on my breathe and constantly whisper repeately to myself what it is I want to happen. I love to stretch my legs and really get my cock energy flowing. Then just before I ejaculate I ROAR OUT, extremely loudly what it is I want to happen.

7 thoughts on “Does God Answer Prayers?

  1. My prayers were answered when I found this site. Full of beautiful men of all colors shapes ages and sizes. Manliness is beautiful and I’m down for it. Earthy, musky, sweaty, rough around the edges glorious men.

  2. Which is the name of the film music while the guy is wanking ? It is a classic 1950. But cannot remember the title
    Please help !
    Tanks men !

  3. I cannot overstate what a wonder this site is, and today’s post “knocks it out of the park.”
    Thank you for your continuous hard work helping us all to relax and settle into our souls.

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