According to a recent article on the MedicalNewsToday webshite, marijuana can cause erectile dysfunction. If you read the article carefully you will see that is actually the journalist’s opinion rather than something that is actually based on scientific facts or research, even though lots of research is refereed to in the article, none of it is in any relevant to the question the journalist is asking. And here’s a humorous reply from Reddit’s marijuana forum: I’ve been smoking for about a year now on and off, usually only with friends on the weekends. However I have a problem, everytime I hit the blunt,bong or what ever it is I get a stiffy. I never thought much of it until this weekend when I wore shorts and there were a couple of girls with us. We were sitting on the couch and I hit the blunt, and as usual my dick made a tent in my shorts, everyone wanted to get up and go to bojangles but my dick was so hard I was afraid of standing up, I ended up pretending to fall asleep until my boner went away. So the question remains does anyone else get massive ragers after taking a toke?

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