To be able to enjoy the delights of anal penetration, without all the mess that would otherwise be involved, calls for strict attention to anal hygiene. Enemas are an indispensable aid to this – there really is no other way of ensuring internal cleanliness. Many guys wonder where enemas can be obtained – the average Boots branch doesn’t stock them! Any surgical goods supplier should have them, but I personally recommend the company: YP Products (PO Box 40, Shefford, SG17 5ZJ; 01462 812066) The website is particularly recommended, both for the goods which may be purchased online, and also for the guidance (click the ‘Advice’ pointer). The following comments reflect my personal experience and opinions. There are various types of enema, but mainly they fall into two categories, bag enemas and bulb enemas. The bag enemas consist of a polythene bag and a tube. The bag is filled with water, the end of the tube inserted in the anus, and the water flows into the rectum by gravity. Bulb enemas consist of a rubber or plastic bulb and a nozzle. The bulb is filled with water, the nozzle inserted in the anus, and the bulb squeezed to force the water into the rectum. (Incidentally, refer to the above website for a complete anatomy of the colon, showing the locations of the anus, rectum, the sigmoid, descending, transverse and ascending colon, and the caecum.) Bag enemas are of fixed (maximum) capacity, and come in several sizes. In my opinion, they are most useful in the bathroom at home, whereas bulb enemas are readily portable and can be used in any convenient location. The bag is suspended from an appropriate hook, on the bathroom door, say, to ensure an adequate gravity feed. I recommend lying on ones back, in the (empty) bath, to receive the fluid. (Obviously you should locate yourself where any accidental leakage will do no harm.) There is a clip tap, on the tube, and you may well find it sensible to receive the fluid in several stages – you may experience cramps if the inward flow is too fast, but switch off the tap and the cramps will quickly subside, and then you can resume the flow.

There are two types of bulb enema, of which, in my opinion, only one is any use. The Higginson’s enema is a classic design (at least 60 years old to my certain knowledge). It consists of a rubber bulb with two tubes. One tube has the anal nozzle (or vaginal nozzle – it can also serve as a douche) at the end, and the other is the inlet tube. Both tubes contain a non-return valve, so the flow through the bulb can be only one way. You simply hang the inlet end in the enema fluid and squeeze the bulb to force the fluid into the rectum. As the bulb reinflates, it draws fluid in through the inlet pipe. It will thus deliver any desired quantity. Its only drawback is that the bulb is rather slow to fill, so administering any but the smallest enema is a rather lengthy process (whereas gravity feed from the bag enema is very quick). You may or may not regard this as a disadvantage. The other type of bulb enema has a single pipe with a nozzle. Either this unscrews, to fill the bulb, or you squeeze the bulb and then suck the fluid in through the nozzle. So the nozzle has to be removed then reinserted in the anus for every bulbfull. I can’t imagine any practical use for such a device. Ordinary tap water, at roughly body temperature, is perfectly adequate if you are just washing out – expelling the water straight away. But if you wish to retain the enema fluid inside you for a while (which is in fact quite pleasurable, as well as cleansing) you should use a saline solution, of two teaspoonsfull of salt per litre. This ensures that the enema fluid is isotonic – of roughly the same pH value (look in a chemistry textbook!) as the body fluids. What this means in practice is that water is neither absorbed into nor extracted from the intestine wall. (The whole point of the colon is to extract excess fluid from food waste, so that it is expelled as urine, otherwise you’d have permanent diarrhoeia!) A wide variety of fluids can be used for enemas, some very exotic, including the coffee enema! (I love coffee, but I’d never thought of taking it up the arse – aargh! no sugar!) A very important (in my opinion essential) accessory to the basic enema kit is the irrigator tube. This is a plastic tube, 35cm long by 1cm diameter, with the end closed off and rounded, but with holes in the side near the end. This is joined onto the end of the enema pipe or nozzle, inserted in the anus and passed to its full length up the rectum.

The closed end allows the tube to pass through any faecal accumulations (i.e. shit) in the rectum, without becoming blocked. The water is then injected, through the side holes, into the sigmoid colon. The point of all this is that if the fluid enters at the anus, it tends to push any accumulated shit back up the pipe, so that it is eventually evacuated towards the end of the fluid outflow, leaving residues behind. Whereas when using the irrigator tube, the fluid enters behind any deposits, so the shit is blown out at the beginning of the outflow, resulting in a much more effective cleansing action. (Also, pussies will enjoy inserting the tube!) The website also offers a similar accessory called the rectal tube. This is 30″ long but of inferior design – it doesn’t have a closed end with side outflow – and I don’t recommend it. The website also offers a booklet on enemas. I don’t recommend this at all. Whereas the website information is factual and useful, this booklet is full of weird mumbo jumbo, such as recommending taking an enema when the moon is full. (I’m not making this up!) However, given that it’s not expensive, you may find the laugh worth the cover price (now that you know what to expect). From personal experience, I recommend both a bag enema, for use at home with an irrigator tube, and a (Higginson’s!) bulb enema for use elsewhere. I enjoy enemas for their own sake, whether or not I shall be having sex later. (But I still haven’t tried taking my coffee that way!) If I expect to have sex away from home, I always use the bag enema before leaving home, to ensure a thorough cleanout, and use the bulb enema shortly before sex, to ensure maintaining hygiene. I hope other pussies (and anyone else interested) find my remarks helpful. I have a horror of dirty sex, and would consider it a gross lack of respect for my lover. So come on, pussies! Be clean for your man! Show him you care! Affectionate Regards, Jason Stobart

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